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Diane Davidson
An exceptional sales strategist Diane is known for being an approachable straight shooter with a down to earth consultative approach to buying and selling real estate. She appreciates that selecting the right agent is crucial to your outcome and that you should choose one committed to and proven at, getting great results for clients. Diane’s clear goal is to find qualified buyers who will pay the highest price in the shortest time and as a proven top performer who is passionate about providing great service, successful outcomes are assured. With a strong support team at her back, Diane is a reputable residential salesperson and an exceptional sales strategist. Energetic, highly organized and proactive, Diane’s 20+ years in the industry allow her to bring to the table, great depth of knowledge, expert negotiation skills, integrity and an eagerness to deliver at the highest level possible. Awards:  2019 Top of Office  2019 Eves Salesperson Of The Year Finalist  2019 Auction Finalist Of The Year  2019 Eves 400 Club Achiever  2018 Eves Top Auction Achiever  2018 Top of Office  2017 Top of Office  2017 Eves 300 Club Achiever  2017 Eves Top Overall Achiever March  2016 Top of Office  2016 Eves 200 Club Achiever  2016 Eves Top Overall Achiever June  2015 Top of Office  2014 Top of Office  2013 Top of Office  2013 Eves 100 Club Achiever  2012 Top of Office  2012 Business Development Accelerator Graduate  Multiple Awards for Achievement throughout her real estate career Testimonials: Always There “I believe that 80% of success is showing up - I’m there ALWAYS!” To promise is one thing – to deliver another An impressive list of properties sold and an extensive portfolio of testimonials, support her success.