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Carol Dovey
Carol Dovey’s real estate career began in 1990 when she earned a well respected and trusted reputation and accomplished ranking in the top 10% of agents in the city plus the top 10% of female earners in the country. Carol’s move to real estate was initiated because of her husband’s home building company where they were commonly building and selling 3 new houses a year. They had become rather disillusioned with some of the service they were receiving from their real estate agents, for example lack of communication. They lived in many of the houses while ‘on the market’ therefore Carol became well equipped to understand the feelings of ’being on the market’. Carol’s first sale made newspaper headlines for the highest house price sale in the city. Her second sale was a house which had been on the market for approximately a year and was proving difficult for other agents to sell. Carol sold it well and the rest is history. This was a thrilling start to a new career and one which has gone ahead in leaps and bounds since. Carol moved to Tauranga in 1998 and continued to buy, renovate and sell property. She also completed another new build and also pursued her other passion, travel, with six month stint in Europe. Upon her return, she worked as a successful sales representative with Radio Works (now MediaWorks) for 2 years and become well versed in the many benefits and strategies of marketing which Carol now employs to achieve optimal results for her valued clientele. After 10 years in New Zealand real estate sales, Carol moved to Western Australia where she also sold real estate for 3 years. Whilst there are many similarities between the ways the two countries operate in real estate, there are also some subtle and exciting differences that Carol intends to introduce to the Tauranga market. One of the approaches Carol used to great advantage for her sellers was “Home Styling”. Carol and many of her sellers witnessed some unbelievably fabulous results! The old adage ’First impressions count’ have never been truer nor more relevant. Having had much experience with subdividing sections, building new, renovating and presenting for sale many homes, Carol is well able to empathise with how it ‘feels’ to be ‘On the Market’, including the sale of matrimonial property and parents’ estates. Carol has established many ongoing friendships with her past clientele and is well known for her ‘infectious laughter’ and determined ‘dog with a bone‘ persevering nature. EVES Realty was chosen by Carol for its success as market leaders in the Tauranga and Mount markets, the large and successful real estate team plus the excellent marketing, IT systems and back up support. Carol is looking forward to helping you to achieve the very best result you can with your real estate aspirations.