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25 Isabella Drive, Pukekohe



I’m Pete van Zyl, and I’ve been working in real estate for over six years now, following on from a successful career in the luxury vehicle industry.

I have loved the challenges – especially in today’s unprecedented red-hot property market, but I’ve also seen things that I felt were wrong and that’s why I’ve taken the plunge and established my own company, Exclusive Agents, where honesty, transparency and integrity will be the foundation for everything we do.

Specialising in marketing properties in and around Pukekohe, Exclusive Agents promises vendors a smooth and straight-forward experience during what is often a stressful time.

Teamwork is important to me, yet it wasn’t a focus in the companies I’ve worked for. Instead, each agent was out for him or herself, overpromising vendors in regard to sale price and charging enormous commissions.

At Exclusive Agents we’ve pushed that model aside, choosing to focus genuinely on our clients and their needs. I’m gathering a team of carefully chosen agents whose philosophy is in line with my own and in five years I intend to have 100 salespeople working for me in what I expect will become an admired and respected family business.

With satisfaction as our guarantee, Exclusive Agents will offer flexibility to clients and won’t trap them in long contracts. We will always be open to conjunctional sales with members of other real estate companies if it brings a good result for our vendors – and our buyers.

Nobody will deny that it’s difficult to get a footing on the property ladder right now and it concerns me seeing younger vendors, for example, moving from their first to second home and paying the equivalent of one year’s hard-earned salary to a salesperson who has barely lifted a finger. At Exclusive Agents our commission rate will only be at 2.39%excl GST & terms and conditions will apply.

I believe in getting to know my clients in order to tailor-make campaigns for them, and will be working alongside our professional copy writer, photographer and videographer.

However, we won’t pressure clients to pay for costly advertising campaigns when it isn’t necessary and as we become known in the community, word of mouth will be the best advertisement of all.

If you’re planning to sell, and finding the prospect a little overwhelming, then come and be one of our first clients.

I have a very well-established network of potential buyers and I promise that we will help you, without putting up barriers, in order to achieve the best possible price.