Few would dispute the notion that a long history of success within the real estate industry would be a good indicator of future achievements. When one examines closely the illustrious career of John McClelland they would be struck by the diversity of experience that he has acquired through his thirty years of hands on real estate experience. Residential sales, Project Management, Commercial real estate are all just part of the welter of experience he brings to his business. Be it the developments of large projects such as the highly successful Hyde Park subdivision or the boutique developments such as Chateau Estates and Skyedale in the Park, John has worked closely with developers to achieve outstanding results. That confidence that developers have in him has been repeated time and time again in one project after another.

The notion that John’s primary focus is the large scale development would be doing him a massive disservice. He is a person who has an equally impressive track record selling individual homes for valued clients. He loves property and the business of real estate, but in truth it is about working with people that holds his primary focus. He is relationship driven, always wanting to do the very best for those that entrust their property to him. His extensive network and his deep understanding of property in Christchurch provide John with an unfair advantage to help his clients achieve their dreams.

As any golfer knows the biggest challenge in the game, is to beat one’s own previous best efforts. As a keen and pretty canny golfer himself, John embraces that philosophy of exceeding past efforts into his business. This may mean working a little harder, making those extra calls spending more time negotiating for his clients, but that’s the person he is, yesterday’s efforts are replaces by tomorrows goals.

Drawing on his wide experience, his commitment to success and his desire to do his best for his clients, John McClelland provides and opportunity to work with a professional who is at the very top of his game. Only the very few who are looking to sell would make the mistake of not talking to John first.