Liz Ryniker - First National


Liz Ryniker
Firstly I love this website but alas it does not show rural or lifestyle sales in which I specialise - so the stats look a little light! Recent sales: The Empire Hotel Featherston 114 Ica Road Masterton 88 Lake Ferry Road 1596 Cape Palliser Road 1065 Mangaone Valley Road 2355 Otahome Road Masterton 927 State Hiway 2 Featherston 13 Ahiaruhe Road Carterton 2766 Lake Ferry Road Pirinoa Lot 6 Wharekauhau Estate Liz Ryniker is an enthusiastic and passionate salesperson and Branch Manager who works hard to achieve top results for her clients. With a strong grasp on the local market and a good eye for detail, Liz can create an exceptional marketing campaign for each listing. Those who know Liz will tell you that she is a great listener - her ability to understand what someone wants puts her in a strong position to negotiate the best deal and maintain satisfying results. Whether you are looking at buying your first home – a beach house or adding to your investment portfolio, Liz will be able to help find the right property for you. Get in touch with her today and she will be happy to walk you through the buying/selling process. LIZ has never been one to beat about the bush! She sells property - plays golf and loves fishing. FIRST NATIONAL? "I didn't know anything about the company until I saw an advertisement on TV about them selling a property every 12 minutes of every day of the year. "I thought that's amazing" recalls Liz " The more I looked, the better I liked what I saw ....& here I am!" "HERE" is Guardian First National in Greytown where Liz has been Branch Manager since opening the office in 1997. They might be a small team, in typical small town New Zealand, but nowadays they're listing and selling such a diverse range of real estate every workday holds a surprise. One day we're four wheel driving over a 1100 acre lifestyle property, the next it's a $200,000 beach house at the coast or getting pleasure from seeing first home buyers into their very own home sweet home .... these people were strangers .... now client's for life. I consider myself very lucky that with most real estate transactions I make at least two friends ( the buyer and sellers ) I live in rural bliss between Carterton & Greytown with my mate 'honest Pat' in a modest settlers cottage with 1 ½ acres of native bush and we are endeavouring to grow truffles. I toil all week and Friday afternoon I go fishing - can't recall how many mobile phones I've lost overboard. My son Jemal is the captain of my boat called ‘Business’. I go fishing every weekend, in all weathers and at Whatarangi we tend to have many a perfect storm. I've got two beaut black Labradors called Storm & Hunter. They are as brave as a butterfly - live to go fishing and always first in the boat and first to abandon ship when they sight the shore and swims for it. When I moved from the Manawatu I rented the green keepers house on the Carterton Golf Course and got down to a 12 handicap. I do miss playing competition golf and I have promised to take up the challenge again .... but meanwhile there are only so many hours in a day and work calls!