Michael Kelly - First National


Michael Kelly
Michael Listens. Michael likes to sit down and listen to vendors. What is it that you really want? What is the next move for you? What is it you do not like?......................... I listen! Michael is with you every step of the way Michael will look after you throughout the entire process, making your sale or purchase a stress free experience. Marketing Marketing Marketing Michael worked in large ad agencies; Michael ran radio and TV stations; He has put his money where his mouth is with his own businesses. Your house will receive the same attention. Advertising that cuts through; marketing strategies that are proven to work; all designed to attract buyers and achieve the sale price. Communication My vendors are very precious. I know that you want the best price; in the shortest time span; and then to move on with your life. Michael will be realistic in setting and meeting objectives and will communicate with you throughout so you always know how things are moving, what buyers are saying, and how we can adjust our business plan to achieve the sale you want.