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“If you believe in yourself, anything is possible”

Kogi was born and raised in Hong Kong. Her parents are Chinese Indonesian. Happily married, her husband is Korean and they have two beautiful daughters. She speaks fluent in Cantonese, Manderin and English.

Kogi has involved herself with Rotorua Plunket and was selected to become a co-ordinator of Chinese playgroups. She organises family functions and often volunteers to help different organisations, which genuinely gives her the deepest joy and meaning of life. Kogi started her career in her early 20’s becoming a financial consultant, followed by shipping, sales and hospitality of 12 years. She has gained recognition in achieving a Limra International award of productivity and professionalism along with repeatedly been named “Top” agent in the district.

Her goal is to travel the world and has successfully started with England, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Fiji and New Zealand. Rotorua is where she has settled and made it her home as it has a beautiful culture and great humanity. While studying financial investment, she fell in love with real estate. As a 25year old she brought her first rental property and has recently invested in other homes around Rotorua.

Kogi always works above and beyond to provide excellent assistance and advice. Her passion for real estate is a lifetime investment.