Alex Mcdougall - First National


Alex Mcdougall
Joining the Western First National team in December 2015, Alex’s many years’ experience in real estate ensures he provides an excellent service. As a valued member of the Western First National Team, he thrives on the daily challenges that this competitive industry brings. It is Alex’s bright and enthusiastic personality, his attention to detail and his winning attitude that sets him apart. “My role is geared towards providing exceptional service to all I work with and I am always available to take your enquiry and to optimize my services to you ... the end user”. Like many service oriented businesses, those of us that work in real estate encounter a staggering variety of people from every walk of life on a weekly basis - all of whom have differing real estate wants and needs. It's a bit like working on a big jigsaw puzzle ... sometimes the pieces take a little bit of jostling and other times they just slip effortlessly into place. Either way, please be assured that I always strive to make this process as straight forward for you as possible. Please also contact me if I can do anything to improve the quality of service you receive when you deal with me at Western First National”.