FiSBO Property - Hawkes Bay

FiSBO Property - Hawkes Bay

5 Gilmour Place, Taradale, Napier 4112, New Zealand



Think of FiSBO® as:

Everything to help you sell: Personal support from a guide, Photos. VR Tour, Openhomes, Trademe, Signage,Marketing, Automation, CRM, Selling System, pretty much everything you need from a dedicated team.

Our Hybrid Process.

We like to call our process a "Hybrid" because it is a mix of all real estate sales processes. Campaigns will start with a price, "Expressions of interest from $$$" so buyers know if it is in their budget. As soon as an offer (we call them Bids) is made all bids are displayed in the listing like an Auction and buyers can out bid each other. But unlike a traditional Auction bids in FiSBO® can include conditions (like a tender) which means more buyers can be included.

You can also negotiate with any party like in a Tender and when you are satisfied, on your approval the system will send all data to your solicitor to do draft the agreement and keep you legally safe.

FiSBO® is so easy to use with owners of all ages succesfully selling with the system.


As soon as a buyer makes an enquiry on your property we enter them into your property register. The same thing at your open home, we log every buyer and the app sends you an email alerting you to check your portal and see who has visited. You will see the buyers name, phone , email and any notes we have added relating to them.

The app is programmed to send the buyer an email as soon as they are registered explaining how to log in and use FiSBO®, they can message you directly or make a Bid instantly.

As soon as a Bid is made the app sends a SMS to all buyers that have been to the property calling interest and asking them to do the same. They can view the bid history online and take action if required to secure the property.

This is all done by our system automatically and is the same for every campaign.

Open Homes

FiSBO® can run your open homes and private viewings so you do not have to. We disclose to buyers our role and how our process works, how they can bid and use the platform with direct communication to you "In-App"

Our team of marketing consultants provide all the marketing support you need and campaigns can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Compare FiSBO® to Real Estate Agents

Apart from cost of our service the main difference between what we do and what real estate agents do is the transaction. We both market property, we both take photos, video, drone footage, provide VR tours and do open homes. An agent at the point of inducement can draft a sales and purchase agreement for the buyer and seek instructions from the vendor on how to act. With FiSBO®, the buyer at the point of inducement will make a bid directly to the vendor (seller) and they will pre-negotiate with each other before coming to agreement and getting their solicitor to draft the agreement.

From a cost perspective a real estate agent will charge for marketing and the transaction at an average percentage of 3%+GST.

On the other hand FiSBO® charges for marketing from as little as $4k+GST and your solicitor will be on average $1500+GST to do the conveyancing.

At the end of the day FiSBO® gives you a real choice to create marketing that will help your house sell itself and empower you to take back control of your sale.

FiSBO® branded Trademe listing.

All our campaigns include a standard Trademe listing, beacuse that is where most of the buyers are looking. Here is what that looks like.