Frazer Maiava

Frazer Maiava



With a strong foundation rooted in his upbringing in South Auckland, Frazer Maiava brings six years of invaluable experience to the real estate industry. Hailing from a background in the building sector, Frazer possesses a profound understanding of construction and property dynamics.

Operating out of Ray White Greenlane, he has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor in the real estate community. Balancing his thriving career with fatherhood, Frazer is a devoted father of two, showcasing his ability to excel both professionally and personally. 

Proud of his Pacific Island descent, Frazer celebrates his Pasifika heritage and is bilingual in Maori and English. Born in Greenlane and raised in South Auckland, Manukau holds a special place in his heart as he aims to make his mark in the central market. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing and playing rugby, adding a dynamic element to his life outside of work. 

With a passion for property sales and investment strategies, Frazer Maiava is dedicated to providing top-tier service to his clients.