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Paul grew up in the Far North, although often living and traveling overseas or living in different areas around New Zealand. Family living in the North meant Paul was always back to visit or holiday. Over the years Paul has owned property on the west and east coasts, with the intention to come home.

Recently Paul made the move back after several years working in the fast-paced Hamilton property market.

He currently lives on a lifestyle property on the outskirts of Kerikeri with his wife Clare and two children. Paul hopes to find time to enjoy the fantastic fishing and boating the North has on offer and ensure his family get a chance to enjoy the outdoors as much as he did when he was growing up.

Paul gained experience marketing and selling a wide range of property, each with individual marketing needs and strategies.

Paul brings this experience and enthusiasm to every property he markets. Getting the best possible result for you, is central to Paul’s real estate goals. Give him a call today.