Harcourts - Massey North

Harcourts - Massey North

Level 2 3/1 Te Pumanawa Square Northwest Shopping Centre Massey Auckland



Take a Dive in to Northwest Realty

Todd Murray was born and raised in West Auckland.

He kick-started his Real Estate career in 2010 breaking records sale prices in West Auckland, which he still holds today. After 7 years in the industry as a salesperson, Todd took the leap and started Northwest Realty. 5 years on Todd runs a hugely successful agency that has produced the most successful agent in New Zealand, Diego Traglia.

Diego was one of the very first agents to join Todd at Northwest Realty, with concrete floors and bare jibbed walls the guys rolled their sleeves up to become the creditable, high-performing agency they are today, a brand you can truly trust.

In Northwest Realty’s short life span, Todd has achieved huge growth, a family-orientated culture, top office revenue large office group, top office revenue per sales consultant, property management excellence, amongst many other awards.

We know how to support and produce successful agents, ensuring our agents are reaching their full potential, we are a cut above the rest.

Join our team, reach your goals, become the high-performing agent you want to be. Achieve with us today.