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Your Trust – in Hands you can Trust!

Angela’s positive and optimistic approach makes her popular with her clients. Dedicated to giving the best service, delivering great results and ensuring that the customer experience is as stress-free and as enjoyable as possible, her inclusive communication and attention to detail give you confidence everything is in hand.

“I like to lighten your load, working alongside you for the whole journey, from preparing for the market through to closing the sale and settlement day.”

Strong sales and negotiation skills, plus experience gained from 15 years in advertising and since joining the real estate industry in 1995, give Angela an effective edge for marketing and selling your property.

“I have been fortunate in enjoying various roles within Harcourts - salesperson, branch manager and trainer (in NZ & Aus) – giving me the benefit of wide experience and knowledge of the industry, while also achieving over $125 million dollars in settled sales.”

Real Estate – it’s about Trust! - to get the job done, with you and your real estate goals front of mind at all times.

Feedback from my clients - encourages me to keep seeking ways to improve, to deliver the best possible result and experience for you:

• a dream to work with

• communications with us were timely and concise

• understood our needs and requirements

• works tirelessly

• protects the interests of all parties

• transparent and honest

• high level of skill

• comprehensive practical advice

• continued communication and updates

• a fine example of your industry and profession

• works with professionalism, integrity, energy and politeness

I would love to be on your team too!

No Wild Promises… Just Sound Advice!