Anthony Barkley - Harcourts


Anthony Barkley
Dedicated to getting results 15 years in the golf industry taught me many lessons that I bring to Real Estate. Work ethic has been instrumental in my past career and I happily apply this to being a successful salesperson with Harcourts. I want your referrals and your testimonials so will work tirelessly in my role. Building relationships, being honest and genuine are traits that are inbuilt and I will always be that person. Ant is who you will get from start to finish. Keeping it simple, professional and friendly is another area I believe in. I want you to be able to call me anytime or if we see each other on the street I want to be able to have a chat. I use the catch phrase “ASK ANT” that you will see around Rotorua so do exactly that when thinking about your next property move.