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Anthony Barkley
2019/2020 Rising Star award winner for Harcourts New Zealand (from 195 offices) Had a very successful first 18 months in the industry with most sales coming in the last 10 months before the lock down. Why? By doing a good job at what I do and taking care of people must be a couple of reasons why I have succeeded as well as my experience in the service industry for 15 years. Also it must be to the on going support and training from the Harcourts office. I stepped in at the right time with new owners and new training so it gives be confidence to have such a great brand behind me all the way. PROOF 25 Houses sold in essentially 10 months 4 x Regional Rising Start Awards Multiple 5 Star client Experience awards Record prices achieved I work on 5 principles or keys to my success KNOWLEDGE: Understanding the area I sell houses in is very important. Knowing latest statistics on sales of 4, 3, 2 bedroom houses. Understanding trends in the market, growth patterns and realistic sale prices put me at the top of agents in Rotorua. NEGOTIATION: Being a great negotiator is a priority when we come to the time of putting offers in and during the pressure situations. I get results through my negotiation methods. MARKETING: Understanding what works in regards to marketing in the market helps to boost profiles of property and essentially get more for each property. COMMUNICATION: Key is to communicate with each vendor in regards to feedback we get for each property. I listen to the needs of the vendor and work to establish great communication pathways. It also works for buyers as well. RELATIONSHIPS: I think from my years as a NZPGA (professional golf coach) taught me ways to develop rapport and trust. These almost instinctive habits work well in real estate as we work with what can be a persons largest asset. Treating all with respect and consistency as we work through agreements, listing authorities and appraisals is something I do always. Please contact me with any questions as always better to talk directing on the phone or face to face.