Sandeep Luthra makes an immediate impression on clients with his confidence and easy and friendly manner. Sandeep is a responsible, intelligent and experienced person with an extensive background in customer service and management. He is quick to build a rapport with people with his friendly and relaxed manner. He understands and cares about his clients personal circumstances and is willing to get involved and offer practical advice and help.

His clients value his skills and advice that works well in their favour. They also know that he gives it his full dedication and commitment. Speaking English, Hindi, and Punjabi fluently means that Sandeep is able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of potential vendors, buyers and investors.

Sandeep is smart and innovative when it comes to marketing strategies and sets a definite standard, and having lived in the surrounding areas for 20 years he knows the people and streets making him an invaluable asset to you on your property journey. His experience and willingness to consider his clients input leads to successful results assuring his clients that with Sandeep, they are in good hands.