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Lily Prummel

Lily Prummel




Her effervescent personality, coupled with her commitment to her community, have made her a Rotorua favourite during the more than 35 years she has made the city her home. For 25 of them Lily has honed her skills in high profile areas of media, tourism and hospitality, not it is the turn of Real Estate, to benefit from the flair she has carried into the property marketplace. Highly principled and a woman of integrity, Dutch-born Lily brings her European elegance and passion to the highly competitive field of Real Estate. Lily's intimate knowledge of Rotorua and what makes its citizens tick, are assets that have made her a sought after Salesperson, one with total dedication to sealing mutually satisfying deals quickly and efficiently. Her ability to relate to those who become her clients are the cornerstone of her success. Communication is Lily's bywod, her wealth of contacts us legendary. These have been amassed by her ongoing involvement in a wide range of charitable, service and sports organisations. Unstintingly giving her time and individed attention to others, confirm Lily is a person in whom clients can confidently place their trust with the knowledge the outcome they seek is achieved by Lily's highly personalised and professional touch.