Letterbox - Rotorua

Letterbox - Rotorua



Small Is The New Big

Letterbox Realty Limited reflects the changing paradigm in the real estate industry. The rapid and widespread way we now communicate via the internet not only puts smaller businesses on the same footing as national and international companies, but often gives them the edge. A 'mum and dad' style agency has great flexibility, independence and full decision-making power.

“We can compete effectively with 'big box' real estate firms because we're not stifled by a corporate mindset,” says Tracy Beaufill. “We're empowered, very grassroots, have the freedom to make our own decisions, and know our local market.”

The internet has changed the way the real estate industry operates. Properties on the internet are afforded wide exposure, regardless of who posts the listing.

“It's the level of personal service that makes the difference,” says Stu Phillips. “While we can provide all the same services as our bigger competitors, we also have the flexibility and opportunity to offer more, especially in terms of costs and marketing programmes.”