Shoz Wheeler - Living Corporation Limited


Shoz Wheeler
Before becoming a licensed real estate salesperson, she was Living Corporation’s operations manager and has held other roles in the company that give her a unique perspective she now uses to great effect. This background ensures Shoz’ eye for detail is second to none – nothing gets by her! And, in a business that stands or falls on the strength of its paperwork, this is a distinct plus! To Shoz, real estate is not a job. It’s her passion and one that she loves not least because it enables her to get out and talk to people. As well, she’s not the type to wait for the phone to ring, she makes sure she is always on the front foot in any dealings with both vendors and buyers. A listener, problem-solver and high achiever, Shoz possesses myriad qualities that ensure if you decide to sell your property, she should be the one to help you do it!