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Neelam Brown
Selling or seeking a home can be a challenge amidst the complexities of day-to-day life, but my job is to genuinely understand your circumstances and come up with a plan to help you achieve both your short- and long-term goals when it comes to residential, lifestyle and investment real estate. For many of us, owning a property not only fulfils a dream, but it’ll be among the few seriously significant financial decisions we’ll make in life. Good decisions can make a big difference between treading water and achieving financial security, and can go a long way toward improving your overall wellbeing. I understand that, and I’m here to act in a professional capacity, along with being your best advocate and support. Among my first priorities to is to discuss with you what you want from your sale or purchase. Experience tells me buyers and sellers have a range of motives for shifting-on or settling-in, and these are key in determining an appropriate approach as we ‘go to market’. If you’re selling, we’ll set parameters such as timeframe, budget, market reach, advertising medium(s), sale strategy, sale process, flexibility/negotiation, and communication methods. We’ll agree on how we’ll manage competition for your property in a bid to maximise the return for our efforts, in terms of both price and sale conditions. If you’re a buyer, my job is to listen with intent. I want to know what your top priorities and non-negotiables are. From there, I’ll use my network, market knowledge, and other resources such as databases, to tap in to the opportunities that best-suit your needs and desires. The Hamilton market is a dynamic one, but rest-assured I’ll be fully briefed on what’s happening from day-to-day. Because I’m customer-focused, my approach to different sale and purchase situations is frequently unique (no two properties, let alone people, are the same!). However, some key factors remain constant: I’m a believer that outcomes are the result of the energy applied to situations and events. In all my dealings, my commitment is to offer recommendations, creativity, and a positive, determined attitude – plus, when required, a down-to-earth sense of humour. Having successfully run my own Auckland-based consultancy business for eight years, I know what it takes to work hard for good return. I’ve also worked as a senior manager in facilities management field, interspersed with periods in real estate (as determined by family commitments). I am experienced in business, as well as in life. If you’re after an intelligent, thoughtful, real estate person, consider involving me in your next real estate move. Let me prove my worth to you. Give me a call today.