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Greg Antona
If you are looking for a real estate professional packed with vast amount of experience and knowledge, you’ve got the right person. After graduating from the University of Auckland with a degree in International business and employment relations, Greg Antona work in the building industry in a sales role. His past experiences from working in the building material sales industry plus his past 13 years of sales in the real estate industry gave him the advantages of the sales and marketing knowledge. This has also helped prepare the owners when selling their homes, this in turn promotes a smooth sales transaction right from the listing of the property through to the sale and settlement. His multilingual skills (Indonesia, Chinese and English) allows him to communicate cross culturally and to capture a wider audience in the marketplace. Greg Antona has sold in excess of 150 properties and transacted over $100 million worth of properties during his 13 years real estate career. His notable portfolio is the sales of Westbrook Winery. Whatever aspects of real estate you may want to discuss don't hesitate to call Greg Antona Call Greg Antona for an appraisal.