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Phoenix Chen
We all dream of owning our own house or holiday home, sharing it with our loved ones and creating those long lasting memories that matter the most to us all. I love my family, my home and my work and even though technology has changed our way of living making life easier or more complicated by our own definition I still believe that what make us achieve that goal in our life is our connection with people, from kindy playmates to our work colleagues. At some stage we are bound to make changes and decisions that will change our life and the people surround us, and to vast majority of us here in New Zealand our "HOME" will always be on top of the list of our precious investments. Combining my love of people and property is my great fortune: "I’m lucky to have the chance to work with so many different people and I'm passionate about satisfying my clients, always delivering to you my best effort and respect, with quality industry knowledge to bring out the best value in your home or investment property."