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KC and Shona Munro
About KC After a lifetime of Buying, Selling and Renovating homes and acquiring Rental properties, for KC a move into Real Estate was only a matter of not if, but when. This followed a long career in Commercial and Financial management in Medium and Large sized businesses and Corporates in both New Zealand and Australia, focusing on Trading and International and Joint Venture operations. Gregarious and outgoing in nature, KC loves meeting people and working with them to help them realize their aspirations, whether it be selling their pride and joy or buying their dream home. A long time resident of the North Shore, KC has a wealth of knowledge, not only about property in the area, but also about the virtues of living on the Shore. As Mike Pero Business Owners we have a service ethos that we know is second to none, an attitude that is totally positive and focused, and the experience to garner you the absolute best result. At Mike Pero, we`re a little different in our approach, and the way we do things. We`re entirely focused on you, the Vendor, the person who engages us. We like it, and we think you will do. About Shona Shona's successful career in Real Estate is a continuation of success she has in every aspect of her life. From being married to KC for 34 years, to representing New Zealand internationally in various sports, to being recognized and acknowledged as #1 Sales Executive for Glaxo Pharmaceuticals as it reigned #1 in New Zealand and in the world. Shona joined Real Estate over 10 years ago with a high end Real Estate company in Takapuna where she learnt her trade, marketing and selling mostly high end properties. Shona notes that service expectations do not differ from million dollar home owners to $400,000 home owners, and so service delivery with Shona does not alter irrespective of the property or its owner. Shona felt the only way to get off the “treadmill warehouse” approach that large corporate Real Estate companies have developed, was to join Mike Pero Real Estate, where she can deliver individual marketing strategies to suit the wants and needs of the owner. Shona enjoys and successfully sells homes via all processes including auction, tender or with a price. Shona's first priority is to listen to the clients wishes and tailor the strategic marketing programme around the owner and the home. At Mike Pero Real Estate we do not work on volume or house turn over, to sustain a company`s exclamation that they sell 3 in 4 homes or 2 out of 4 homes on the Shore in order to keep up with the quota required to sustain those numbers. At Mike Pero, Shona does not care about the other 3 houses being sold. Mike Pero and Shona only care about “your” house which Shona is selling and your unique experience. Shona believes the Mike Pero brand brings to the Real Estate industry forward thinking goals and initiatives that challenge traditional practices, are relationship focused and outcome driven entirely for the benefit of the client.