Aaron Telfar AREINZ - Mike Pero


Aaron Telfar AREINZ
Aaron is competent, efficient, well organised and a true real estate professional. He is a licensed agent (the highest qualification in Real Estate) and has been granted Associate status (AREINZ) by the Real Estate Institute. He also holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies in Real Estate. His background includes 20 years of sales and marketing and selling Real Estate since 2004. Aaron is well organised, competent, and efficient. His key strengths include, customer service, negotiating, problem-solving, sales and marketing. Specialising in central suburbs, he knows how the market operates and what is important to buyers and sellers. Aaron is success-driven but realises that his success is dependent upon realising his customers’ objectives while never compromising on giving great customer service. Aaron works with his wife, Sonya, and together they are franchise owners in the Ellerslie area. As a team they are a focused, loyal and share a passion for serving people in real estate. Both are excellent communicators and experienced in dealing with a wide range of clients - locally, nationally and internationally. Aaron and Sonya live in Auckland with their two children and enjoy traveling and outdoor pursuits as well as, DIY and cycling. They are actively engaged in the community, sponsor local schools, support mission workers overseas and support World Vision and St Johns. Free call today 0508 ESTATE (0508378283)