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Shady Attia
Shady is renowned for giving 100% to everything he does – and this also applies to his vocation. Like many of us, Shady believes real estate is one of the biggest investments we make and when considering a sale and purchase of a new family home or investment property. He also believes it’s important to have the backing of a trustworthy company and assistance of a professional providing reliable, accurate information in order to make the best decisions. Shady is here to provide that assistance and having his hands in real estate since the age of 19 has given him a range of knowledge and experiences. His feet have always been grounded in Canterbury and his principles built on the foundations of honesty accompanied by solid, down to earth hard work. It’s important to him that his clients and customers are comfortable and satisfied with each step taken whilst ensuring no stone is left unturned in the search for the premium price in the current market for his vendors. His service delivery is welcomed by many using real time notifications so vendors and purchasers are always kept up to date. He works well with a team of professionals including Solicitors, Insurance and Mortgage Brokers to ensure each transaction is as smooth and efficient as possible making for a more pleasurable experience.