Peter Warren - Mike Pero

St Martins

Peter Warren
Peter Warren is one of the top performing Agents throughout the whole of the Mike Pero Brand and has been the winner of many top awards for the company including Top National Sales Individual. Peter is consistently performing above and beyond. A franchise and office owner, Peter has over 19 years in real estate allowing him to develop a meticulous set of skills that are crucial to producing exceptional results for his clients. Peter’s knowledge base is indubitable, enabling him to adapt to any scenario and answer any question that he may come across. Peter’s negotiating skills and ability to create a quality marketing campaign combine to accentuate his level of professionalism. Peter understands that doing a thorough and systematic job along with ensuring he continually meets the needs of his clients helps to exceed their expectations. Peter Warren’s team also includes his PA, Sue Wilson (also a licenced salesperson), and salesperson Ali Pincott, which helps achieve the best results for you as sellers. Ali works in a partnering role with Peter assisting in the sales process and enhancing the team environment and customer service to clients overall. Ali has come from a customer service management role where his high standards and attention to detail produce his excellent customer service results. Working together Ali and Peter are able to meet vendors and buyers needs more proficiently by having the ability to be in two places at once. Rest assured Peter and Ali will undoubtedly do the best job possible as your agents.