* Robert Harris Café, Nelson. *Chalice mine, Perth *Returned to Mapua to start our family, was a stay at home Mum while our 3 children were small. Started Hamish`s café, Mapua Wharf, owned and operated Hamish`s for 16 years. * Summit Real Estate

I have lived in Mapua for 25+ years, I started the still very successful and popular Hamish`s Café & Ice Cream Parlour on the Mapua Wharf. I ran the Café with my children and other staff members for 12 years. I studied for Real Estate while I still owned the café and sold it in 2017 when I started my Real Estate career full time.

I am of the belief and put into action; that no matter what job/career path you take, the main part of the job is giving your customers the very best of service and having the ability to communicate effectively.

In Real Estate the ability to be a good negotiator is also an extremely important part of the job.

Without a doubt, if I did not have these 3 abilities I would not have Listed and Sold as many properties as I have.