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Juliane Brand
Jules has been involved in real estate since 2012 and has found a great passion in helping people find and market their properties. Initially involved in the residential sector, Jules has always had a passion for the farming community and its people which goes well back to her childhood in rural Germany. - “I understand the limited connection farmers have with other people and I feel that, in New Zealand, farmers have some of the most rewarding yet also challenging jobs and lifestyles due to their isolation. Being in a position to be of help to them moving forward is probably the best part of being involved in rural real estate.” (Jules Brand) Jules is a quiet and thoughtful person with everyone’s best interest in mind and always trying to exceed expectations. She has a strong focus on marketing and with her attention to detail as well as her honest and reliable nature she strives to look after clients and purchasers alike. - “I believe that the most important part in selling real estate is that everyone is on the same page which means open and transparent communication throughout the process in order to achieve successful results and have satisfied clients and customers.” (Jules Brand)