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Cam Winter
Hi, name is Cam Winter. I’m an authentic and experienced real estate agent specialising in marketing and negotiating the sale of luxury and lifestyle properties. Oliver Road is a unique, specialist real estate agency. Founded in 2017 with a clear purpose, we work almost exclusively with the owners of the top 2,500 residential and lifestyle properties across the Bay of Plenty. Marketing a limited number of high-value, unique properties at any given time, we have the time, energy and experience required to ensure each individual property is given the best possible chance to sell for what it’s worth. As the owner of a property that sits within our market segment, what this means for you is that you now have an agency you can trust to get the job done. You can list your property with confidence, safe in the knowledge that your two dedicated agents have a proven track record of selling the highest valued and most challenging properties in the Bay of Plenty, and that your agents spend absolutely none of their time working with buyers in other market segments, cold calling or door knocking for new listings, trying to build another traditional real estate agency with dozens of competing agents, or in fact doing anything the way it has always been done. Should you be considering a sale of your luxury or lifestyle property this year, we’d love the opportunity to put forward a proposal. We believe you’ll find our approach to be relaxed, consultative, professional and above all else, like none other you’ve previously experienced from a real estate agent. Cam Winter Director | Licensed Real Estate Agent Oliver Road Estate Agents