Internationally Recognised Office in New Plymouth

When she established ONE AGENCY TAYLOR REALTY in late 2016 business owner Cindy Taylor’s goal for her New Plymouth office was to provide innovative marketing and knowledgeable, trustworthy advice for her clients. Proof that this is where Cindy Taylor is leading her Team is in the recognition received at the ONE AGENCY Australasian Awards night in Sydney, where ONE AGENCY TAYLOR REALTY was judged the winner of the Exceptional Marketing and Innovation Award for 2017.

The Award was sponsored by The New Zealand Real Estate Trust, and the reality of a win such as this is, as she said at the time “Is just mind-blowing, especially when you are being compared to over 200 Australian and New Zealand ONE Agency licenses operated by over 160 offices. “To receive an Australasian Award is the acknowledgment that my team knows how to meet their clients ‘needs and how best to ensure positive and timely results when selling or buying in the fast-paced digital world we now live in’ she added. When You Do What Others Don’t. When You Put Your Clients First. When You Work As a Team BIG Results can be achieved.

Who is ONE Agency Taylor Realty...

Leaving a large local Real Estate Franchise office, Cindy has found business away from that structure to be ‘empowering. She said breaking away from the crowd is refreshing and invigorating “There are so many emotions that business owners face daily behind the scenes that people don’t see and that requires true grit, determination & leadership to overcome.”

Cindy feels that when salespeople are working in such a public environment as real estate, it’s easy to feel like you are just another number and blend into the grey of daily life. Her view is that this can also be true for the way properties are marketed, so her team’s approach is to make vendors’ homes stand out from the crowd”

Aside of individual property highlights and advantages, her team accomplishes best results through “Doing the best we can for our vendors and doing everything for the right reasons based on the property itself, the vendors ‘ requirements and the target market and not hamstrung by corporate policy”.

To be selected by well known and fast -growing real estate disruptors ONE Agency to be their flagship in Taranaki was a total surprise. “It just goes to show hard work and dedication does pay off. The invitation to join the ONE Agency group provided Cindy with a once in a lifetime opportunity that most people only dream about.

One Agency’s unique business model, support, smart branding colors and massive library of marketing templates have helped take real estate to the next level and with offices across Australia, New Zealand and shortly Fiji, the brand is not surprisingly, the fastest growing network on both sides of the Tasman

Being an independent allows for quick and measurable marketing solutions in a very changeable marketplace as opposed to brand-centric corporate agencies.

Flexibility and early adaptability bring new and innovative marketing opportunities to meet the needs of our discerning clients and customers.

In a world of “high connectivity” ONE Agency Taylor Realty brings a whole new perspective of market engagement and transparency.

If you are thinking Real Estate make ONE Call first 06 751 1909 The Team will be happy to help you with your Real Estate needs. Taylor Realty Ltd - Licensed Agents REAA 2008