Born and bred in the Tararua, well travelled through a career in the agriculture sector, been a shearing contractor, farmer, shearer, shearing instructor, New Zealand representative in this sport. Real Estate salesperson for the last 2 and a half years.

Born into a farming family with not a lot of money we learnt from a very young age what work was. Went to a primary school with a top number of 18 children called Waitahora School 15 minutes from Dannevirke. I have 3 siblings with me being the oldest with 2 sisters and a brother.

I helped dad with the farm work and shore my first lamb at 6 years of age, my mother and father were shearing contractors which they had brought of my grandparents who had brought off their parents so its been an intergenerational business and has provided work for our whanau.

I left high school half way through 7th form and went shearing full time, my first year I was lucky enough to be recruited to go and shear in the UK for a season, I come back home for 2 weeks as I had caught the bug and went to work in Australia. Coming back to New Zealand for the main season I then was recruited to be a shearing instructor for the New Zealand Wool Board, instructing and teaching is something that was always done in our shearing business so this was something that I really enjoyed.

Two years into my shearing career I managed to shear my way into the New Zealand team to compete in Australia which we come away with the victory.

For the next 20 years I worked for our company shearing in the busy times and in the winter I worked on our family dairy farm where we milked 270 mixed breed of Jersey/kiwi cross herd, split calving. Instructing was still in the busy times which now had been taken over by a company named Tectra.

Three years ago I injured my back and could not shear any more, while on ACC for this I studied and by some miracle I gained my Real Estate Salesperson Ticket for the Professionals in Dannevirke. My first year I sold 6 properties and it was an awesome learning experience, second year I managed to get the top listing salesperson for our company for the Tararua/Masterton offices and 3rd for selling.

I enjoy working with the vendors and purchasers and it is my goal to make this a good experience in this place that we call home.

Nga Mihi