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Precise Homes Ltd

117 Newton Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland PO Box 301578, Albany Auckland 0752



Precise Homes is a property development company dedicated to helping our clients find their perfect home. We specialize in affordable new build properties without compromising on exceptional quality. With all of our properties located inside Auckland city, we deliver convenient living that complements modern day-to-day life.

Core Values:


Precise Homes offers a high standard of houses that are both liveable and beautifully designed. We provide new, warm, healthy homes for our clients – that means your family can worry less about the quality of the house, and more on the quality of life within it.


We have a broad range of Auckland housing options to suit client needs, meaning you reap the benefit of choice. Detached houses, terraced houses and apartments are just a few examples of the houses we have to offer.


In close proximity to schools, shops, parks, workplaces and other locations for your convenience, a Precise Home can cut down on your commute and make life a little easier. Nobody enjoys hours wasted in daily traffic queues – those are the details we keep in mind when helping you choose your perfect home.


Our homes come at a great value for the price you pay. Buying a home should be an achievable goal, rather than a crippling debt. Our homes are low risk and offer a great return for your investment, with plenty of opportunities for future growth.