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Rachael Ayling
I’m Upper Hutt 5th generation born and bred. I rented throughout Upper Hutt before I bought a cute 1920s cottage in Trentham, I know all the good and the bad when it comes to Upper Hutt real estate, so I can relate to many different situations. I’ve won awards for top sales, including Rookie of the Year when I first started at Professionals, and I have many testimonials from extremely happy clients. You have to believe and trust that your real estate agent is doing the best for you, which is one of the main reasons I joined Professionals. The service guarantee we provide is amazing; having a big team means we come across every buyer who’s out there looking and we are able to obtain multiple offers for properties, proving our worth to our clients. The individual commutation plan I set up with each client is important, as everyone is different. A lot of older people in Upper Hutt need that extra special care and family input; first home buyers and people wanting to build don’t know where to start; investors work on numbers; and sometimes you just want to know what your house is worth so you can plan for the future. I’m a mum, a wedding celebrant, and a terrible cook! I’m relaxed and easy to talk to, I understand that sometimes life can throw you into selling or buying when you least expect it. There’s a million different factors in real estate and I can talk to you about them so you can get to where you want to be. Call, Facebook message, or email me any time.