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Jos Verey
Jos is a highly professional sales person who is totally committed to delivering great results for her clients. The key to her success is her creativity, enthusiasm, excellent customer service, strong negotiating ability, incredible work ethic and tenacity. While Jos has had a varied and successful business career across a wide range of industries, primarily in sales and marketing, her real passion is people and property! With a talent for interior design and landscaping, Jos knows how to make a great impression. Using creativity and hard work, she and her Master Woodcarver husband Bryan, have successfully transformed – and added significant value – to many homes & gardens. With her extensive personal experience in property, Jos decided to put her wide ranging skills and enthusiasm to good use in real estate. She’s proud to be part of the Professionals team. She particularly likes their philosophy of ‘ people first’. Professionals have a commitment to providing an exceptional experience to clients with a focus on knowledge, expertise, honesty, integrity and to achieving the best possible results. Jos resides in Mangere Bridge; she loves the village atmosphere, the friendly supportive community and being close to key amenities. Jos enjoys getting involved and making a practical contribution in the community. You are sure to see her at local events, including school fairs, Ratepayers meetings or at the Boutique Market on Sunday, where she assists her husband Bryan with local fund raising initiatives. If you are looking for a salesperson who will work tirelessly to help you get the best possible price when you sell your home, and who WILL go that extra mile to deliver an outstanding result for you, then Jos Verey is the person to call. You won’t be disappointed. AWARDS: * Annual Professionals Awards Gala 2017 - Top 20% Sales * Lovegrove Realty 1st Place Salesperson for January 2019 * Lovegrove Realty 2nd Place Salesperson For February 2019 TESTIMONIALS : 18 DALRY PLACE MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD MAY 2020 "We were not a big fan of real estate agents in general and had found them to be a bit smarmy and constantly pushing - but working with Jos has been a good experience. She is a local and knows the right people and families in the area. She knows the character of Mangere Bridge, cares about her clients as people and genuinely wants a good outcome for them. Her service was personalised and specific to us as a family - she listened to what we needed and tailored her services to us. The biggest benefits of using Jos to sell our home was her home staging and storage contacts, local knowledge and experience and straight shooting! Jos also went above and beyond in terms of providing us with pot plants to add colour, a fragrant candle, paid for our mobile storage of extra furniture and organised a coffee cart once the property was sold, for the new owners to meet the neighbours. We would definitely recommend Jos to other people who are planning to buy or sell a property." Vendors Jannai & Shannon McCracken 68 WALLACE ROAD MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD MARCH 2020 "We had an idea that buying a property was quite a lengthy and arduous process - which in the end, for us, it was not! Jos provided a friendly service and we felt, went “above and beyond” in supplying information about the local area, which we found extremely helpful. She was always available to us and had good communication when arranging pre-auction requirements eg building reports. Jos was informative with each step in the process of buying and post buying made things easy and manageable. She provides a friendly, helpful and caring service for both parties. We would recommend Jos to other people who are planning to buy or sell a property. Thanks Jos, for helping create a straight forward and easy buying process!" New Home Owners - Tony and Marie Powley 18 KANOHI TERRACE MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD FEBRUARY 2020 "I have dealt with many agents – some good, some bad – I can say Jos made a very positive first impression. What I liked most about the service Jos provided was that she was very engaging, professional and friendly and provided all of the information I asked for, in a very open and transparent way. Jos also went above and beyond in terms of helping me with future property management options prior to the sale being unconditional, which helped to progress the deal. Penny was also very efficient and friendly – an awesome team. There is nothing Jos could have done to improve the service she gave and I would absolutely recommend her to other people who are planning to buy or sell a property." New Home Owner - Adrian Dixon 2/56 RIDGEMOUNT RISE MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD FEBRUARY 2020 "I liked Jos’ authenticity of caring for her area of Mangere Bridge and her passion for being part of the community. She realises her ability to shape its present and future and does so, through compassion not ego. This meant there was genuine interest in me as a person - how long and why I was doing my house hunting. Jos, being true to her word, was supportive of me being involved in bidding at auction and eventually becoming the successful purchaser! She helped me feel welcomed by the sellers family at the end of the auction - seeing Jos’ relationship with her vendors, their extended family and helping them celebrate, was great to see - it was no doubt, an emotional time for them as well. Jos helped me get insights into the area of Mangere Bridge, was helpful in showing me potential improvements for the house and was respectful on the day of purchase. Jos went above and beyond what a real estate agent would be expected to provide to clients by offering a bottle of “bubbles” while my partner and I viewed the property one evening - it was great not to be rushed and being invited to enjoy the home - it was a fantastic gesture. I would recommend Jos to other people who are planning to buy or sell a property in Mangere Bridge, especially as she knows the area so well." New Home Owner - Natalie Dorn 12 ROSS AVENUE GLENFIELD SOLD NOVEMBER 2019 "I have my own agent who represents me and I normally won’t trust a listing agent as I had the impression that they would protect the vendors’ interests over the buyers. Jos has changed my opinion - she really cares about the vendor, as her own client and at the same time was really helpful to us, so we could reach a win/win situation, where both parties were happy and comfortable. I really appreciated her efforts. Jos is very professional, warm hearted, friendly and honest - she is someone you can really trust. Her communication throughout the process was excellent and she was prompt, responsive and shared her own resources. I would recommend Jos to other people who are planning to buy or sell a property - in fact I will do this for sure. I loved the flowers Jos sent me - they were beautiful. Thanks Jos!" Happy Purchaser - Michelle Dai 12 ROSS AVENUE GLENFIELD SOLD NOVEMBER 2019 "I had no reservations what so ever, about working with Jos from the beginning. I had a fair idea of how the process works, so was kind of ready for the “bumps” - the task can be bigger than anyone can imagine. Jos brings a lot to the table with her organisational, design and sales skills. She has a passion for the task - she went “above and beyond” with design advice, colours and how to present our home - how to display it to its best potential and also what to display. She has a keen design eye, great overall sales skills and gave us a lot of support - she put her own money on the line too. There is nothing I can think of, that Jos could have done to improve the service she provided and I DO and will continue to, recommend Jos to others who are planning on selling their property. We couldn’t have done it without her - thanks so much Jos!" Happy Vendor - Jonathan Watts 19A SANTA MONICA PLACE GOODWOOD HEIGHTS SOLD JULY 2019 "Our past experiences with real estate agents, was one of being left to drift, once we had signed up - that experience changed when we signed up with Jos Verey, from The Professionals. Jos was caring and understanding - she is a great communicator and is very positive, which we found reassuring. She was extremely organised (eg. suggesting we use Mobistore), helpful, understood our needs as a seller and was in constant contact, “touching base” to help alleviate our stress levels. Her experience was invaluable and she very kindly went over and above our expectations in the service she provided to us, dropping off yummy food and being empathetic. We would definitely recommend Jos to others, who are planning to sell their property." Happy Vendors - Cathy & William Paraha 38 WALLACE ROAD MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD APRIL 2019 "Jos understood what I needed, what I could afford and guided me through the process of putting in a successful offer to purchase an investment property. Jos is one of the few salespeople, who take the time to understand and match a clients needs. She is patient, understanding, well connected and there is nothing she could have done better to improve the service I received. Jos went “above and beyond” with advice to renovate and introduction to suitable contractors. She did not “disappear” after the sale - she kept in touch, assisting with processes that needed to be completed. Jos and “The Professionals” live up to their name. They know what they are doing, do it well and bring a lot of extra value to the process of purchasing a property. My life has been made a lot easier with her assistance and I highly recommend Jos, to anyone who is planning on buying or selling a property" Happy Purchaser - Mark De Jong 3/25 WELLESLEY ROAD MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD FEBRUARY 2019 "The biggest benefits of using Jos to sell our home are, that she is a local in Mangere Bridge and understands the market conditions - we felt she was definitely working for us (the seller). We liked that there was lots of communication over the entire process and we felt that Jos understood us, as people and what we were striving for - she was always very positive about our home. She went “above and beyond” what we would have expected, in regards to presentation of our home with advice, ideas and even items to add that little bit extra, to the presentation. She was very generous with “extra” goodies and we would certainly recommend Jos to others who are planning to sell their property." Happy Vendors - Jill and Peter Hitchcock 6 BLEDISLOE STREET PAPATOETOE SOLD NOVEMBER 2018 "Jos is an absolute professional and a master of her craft at selling homes. Jos most definitely goes above and beyond the call of duty and she truly cares about her customers. She is always working hard to achieve optimum results! Our journey with Jos was excellent and we highly recommend Jos and the team at The Professionals for a personalised service, which exceeded all expectations! Thank you Jos. We are very happy customers and you and Bryan have also become our trusted friends." Happy Vendors - Fili & Frazier Leasuasu 2/3 MATCHETT WAY MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD AUGUST 2018 TWO OPEN HOMES SOLD IN 1 WEEK "“We had been looking to buy for 6 months, so we have dealt with a wide range of styles, of real estate agents. Jos was really authentic, which we found very refreshing. Overall, we have learnt that even though agents all have the same goal to sell houses, it makes a difference to the ease of the process, as a buyer, that the agent is helpful and genuine. Jos was friendly and positive throughout. She seemed to really back us to get the house. She also emphasised community and made sure we understood the value and potential of the area we were buying into. She was quick with communication and open to questions. We felt like she cared about the outcome for us and wanted to find the right buyers for the house. She didn’t draw the process out strategically, waiting for other people to get involved in a multi-offer. She was efficient and wanted to get things finalised for us. She was super friendly, gave us a lovely bottle of bubbles, and also arranged a coffee cart event at the property, inviting the neighbours to join us. That was such a lovely gesture and really helped settle us into our new community. We would DEFINITELY recommend Jos to other people who are planning to buy or sell a property.” Excited Purchasers - Holly Clarke and Jeff Smith 2/3 MATCHETT WAY MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD AUGUST 2018 TWO OPEN HOMES SOLD IN ONE WEEK “ Jos - Thank you for selling my house. I was extremely anxious at first, as so many people were telling me what to do. I had dealings with land agents in the past, mainly men. They were objective, appeared to want a quick sale and not very helpful. I had a male agent that came along to do an appraisal - he did not give me any confidence that he would do the best for me. Then I met you and your husband Bryan. I liked how respectful you were, how you were never negative and how you saw the best in people. It took about three meetings before I signed the form. When I signed the form I put my complete trust in you. What I liked about you, was that you were subjective and took the time to understand what I wanted and what I needed to do to achieve my goals. You provided a plan and time frames that we needed to work to. We divided up the workload, you taking on the majority of it, as I was working full time. My responsibility was to pack and clear the house. Yours was the gardener/ carpeting/ staging/ cleaners/ painting doors/ taking inorganic rubbish to the tip and small maintenances, kindly done by your husband Bryan. I was amazed how many contacts you have and your ability to get good prices for services. We communicated each day and you were always available by phone or email. I was surprised how you saw the house and your vision for the house. You took my breath away. You made the house look absolutely beautiful and inviting. We met all our time frames and the house was sold after the first open homes. Thank you - having you beside me and guiding me, made the experience in selling my house great. We made a good team with your husband. We did all we could and had a great result. I feel you went well beyond what anyone else could have done for me and I would recommend you to all my friends who would like a trouble free experience in selling their home. Most of all you are a terrific cook and a terrific friend.” Ecstatic Vendor Gaelene McGough PUTNEY WAY MANUKAU SOLD JUNE 2018 “For me, it was the first time selling a property and well, I didn’t understand the process and had heard horror stories of how tough it could be and how wrong it could go. Wanting to be diligent, I contacted a few various agents from dfferent agencies, who all gave me very dfferent insights and advice. With these mixed opinions, I still had no clear direction. Not content, I decided to approach The Professionals - I signed up on their website and not long after was given a call from Jos. This was the moment things changed for me. Jos has helped me in so many ways, which exceed that of just selling a house. The first time we sat down, Jos walked me through all the in’s and outs of what I needed to do to make this happen. From, the forms, documentation, information and contacts I needed, the costs involved, the best approach, and the best returns - even, assisting and questioning me on what I was going to do, post the sale of my property. Jos brings with her a wealth of various industry and personal experiences, which, from my limited, yet diligent experience, sets her aside from just being a standard estate agent. With no hidden agendas, always up front, completely focused, enthusiastic and motivated, constant and consistent, great communication, vision, knowledgeable and with an extensive network of relationships - I had settlement within four weeks of the first open home, at asking price and now have a really good friendship with someone I trust and will definitely be using for all future endeavours. Working with Jos and her assistant Penny has been the best personal investment I have ever made.”Kelvin McCallister - Happy Vendor MATAROA ROAD MT WELLINGTON SOLD MAY 2018 "Our perception before we started working with Jos, was that we thought it would be too difficult to find someone who actually wanted to help us and not, just sell our home. Jos showed us, from day one, that she really wanted the best for us. She helped us every step of the way and went above and beyond, to make sure we were happy before she did anything further. Jos wasn’t afraid to get herself dirty - she provided us with everything we needed, to fix/clean/declutter our home. She willingly took trash to the dump, happily lent us her water blaster to use, trimmed grass and has just given us so much love and support throughout the entire process. What we liked most about the service Jos provided was that she made sure she explained each step of the selling process well enough, so that both my Mum and I understood. She made sure we asked questions if we weren’t sure on things, even if it meant that she had to repeat herself over and over. We felt totally comfortable working with a female! Jos’s loving and bubbly personality made selling our home less scary and more exciting and funny. Jos stuck to her word, gave us ideas, told us her honest opinions and never gave us false hope. There is nothing Jos could have done better to improve the service she gave us - we would definitely recommend Jos to others who are planning on selling their property - they would be lucky to have her! We consider ourselves very lucky to have met Jos, because she has shown us opportunities we never knew were possible for us. We are forever grateful for everything Jos and her husband Bryan have done for us."Lusila and Mary - Happy Vendors LINDIS PLACE MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD MARCH 2018 "What we liked most about the service Jos provided, was that all the paperwork was done professionally and Jos delivered what we were after - the fast and low stress purchase of our first home. Jos looked after both parties to ensure we were both happy and worked to secure a fair price for both parties. She got the deal done quickly and it was a stress free transaction. Jos is fair and honest, she offered advice on the property and what to look for. Jos is a lovely person, who worked hard for us to get what we were after. There was nothing she could have done to better improve her service and we would definitely recommend her to other people who are planning to buy or sell a property." Melissa and Jared - Happy Purchasers SELWYN STREET ONEHUNGA SOLD JAN 2018 "What I liked most about the service Jos provided was that she took me on as a client, on a far more personal level, than I ever expected. Jos took on board what I was going through at the time and made me feel like I was her only client - that I had her full attention at all times. She said the right things and made me a promise - which she delivered on. I felt that I was not just another number and I absolutely got “one on one” service. I was apprehensive about going through the process of selling my property and the stress of marketing, but together, we achieved what was thought a miracle!! This clearly showed Jos’s motivation and that she would do, what ever it took, to achieve the successful sale. She helped me reach my goal of securing my “dream home” - hopefully my “forever home”. I am happy that we became friends, through this process - that we were able to speak openly and honestly to each other about any concerns I may have had, which were, resolved quickly and professionally. Jos provided the additional home staging for my home, from her own selection of staging - she was understanding when I needed to “off load” and understood my feelings of apprehension and stress. I appreciated her attention to detail with presentation and her concise weekly reports and updates. I especially would like to thank Jos for the personalised “extras” of dinner, coffee and brunch and her generous gift which was much appreciated - all of which I consider above and beyond my expectations of a real estate agent. I would definitely recommend Jos to others, who are planning to sell their property." Sandy - Happy Vendor DIVICH AVE TE ATATU STH SOLD SEPT 2017 "After 50 years living at our home in Te Atatu South, when the decision was made to downsize, we contacted Jos Verey, who became our agent. Jos has been consistently positive in her outlook. The marketing, advertising, photography, home staging etc were well prepared and executed in a quiet, efficient and helpful way. Clear directions as to the work required to make the property attractive to prospective purchasers were helpful. We were very pleased to have Jos place our home on the market and DELIGHTED with the final result." Margaret and John - Happy Vendors KANOHI TCE MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD JULY 2017 "When we decided to sell our house we were dreading the whole process, as we had been living there for nearly 30 years. The thought of getting it ready for sale was overwhelming. We started a 12 month process to achieve this. Jos worked with us for that whole period, even without us having committed to signing with her and The Professionals. Over this whole period, Jos was a tower of strength, suggesting ways that we could improve the sale price and appeal. During this time, we observed how other agents approached selling a property, and decided that, for us, Jos's direction was what we needed. During the process, Jos was always available, was ready to make suggestions and would let in trades people as needed, as well as a myriad of other supporting tasks. Jos was amazing, in that she purchased plants and planters to decorate the outside of the house, she organised putting on door handles etc and she dusted skirting boards!!! We had decided we didn't want the auc- tioneer offered, so Jos found a replacement (and a You Tube video of him in action), who achieved an excellent result for us. After the sale, Jos kept in contact with both ourselves and the purchasers, to ensure that everything went smoothly - in our case, this was not an easy process, but we got there! We would recommend Jos, without hesitation, to others looking to sell their property. We don't feel you would get better attention, both personally and to detail, than what was provided by her." Carolyn and Mark - Happy Vendors MOANA AVE ONEHUNGA SOLD MAY 2017 "First of all, I would like to thank Jos for her service, even though I was the buyer, Jos gave me her full support during the purchase of the unit in Moana Avenue, Onehunga. I only had a small deposit and a long settlement time and I have to thank her for believing in me and giving me space and time to arrange the selling of other properties. With my lawyer away overseas, Jos was the go between with the Vendors and I very much appreciated this service. Thank you. Jos blew me away with her generosity, leaving the lovely mirror on the wall of the unit and for coming around on the settlement day with wine and pizza. It was very much appreciated and shows that she will go the extra mile with her service. I could see Jos had style right from the first open home I attended and loves to sell the “right property” to the “right buyer.” I am thrilled with the unit, the area and all my friends and family just “love” the unit, the garden and are very happy that I have found a gem to enjoy life going forward. I will recommend Jos to anyone who is looking to buy or sell in the Mangere Bridge/ Onehunga area, for her exceptional service and her caring and generous nature." Glenda - Happy Purchaser SULLIVAN AVE MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD MARCH 2017 "The prospect of buying and selling a house is always daunting. We knew we wanted to move at some point but the whole process seemed to be in the too hard basket. After extensive renovations to our home and a career shift for James, our priorities changed, which indicated to us now was the time to sell. We happened to see a house we liked the look of in the same area, but more suited to our current lifestyle and met Jos at the open home. We were immediately impressed with her easy and friendly manner, as well as with the presentation of the home. Jos has a warmth about her that makes you feel comfortable straight away. We were so impressed with her, that we decided to use her to sell our own home, and we are very glad we did. Jos really helped make the process much more bearable. She was there lending a helping hand at all stages of the selling process, from brainstorming and deciding how to market our property, to how to present it, and even helping us with staging. Many agents we have come across gave the feeling they only care about making a sale but Jos was different. She really cares about people and making a difference to their lives and this flows through her work. Jos's thoughtful and caring nature was essential for our family, especially when it came to open homes with two young children. Her protectiveness ensured we were all well looked after. We cannot speak more highly of Jos. She loves the area she works in and has in depth knowledge about the Mangere Bridge market. Her strong sense of community and family focus has meant we would recommend her as an agent to anyone about to put their home on the market in Mangere Bridge." Mel and James - Happy Vendors WELLESLEY RD MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD JAN 2017 "This is the THIRD real estate transaction that Jos has managed for us, such is our confidence in her skill set, to secure a sale. We have appreciated her advice and guidance in preparing our properties for market - she has a great eye for what matters to prospective buyers. Her real strength is her ability to match people to properties and find the best win/win outcome. Thanks again for finding our security blanket. We would recommend Jos to the reservations what so ever." Geoff and Barbara - Happy Vendors AMBURY ROAD MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD OCT 2016 "To anyone considering selling their home, this, as we have just realised, is a time of great stress and a few sleepless nights, so it's important to find the right agent to help you through. We chose Jos Verey from The Professionals, because we were told she was a bit of a hustler and felt that she could be the best person to have in your corner at a time like this. Well I'm thrilled to say we made the right call, we have just sold and thanks to Jos at a price that far exceeded our expectations. Jos is a whirlwind - her drive, enthusiasm, and desire to achieve the best for her clients is undeniable. From our personal experience we would highly recommend Jos to take a lot of stress and worry out of what can be a very difficult time. Thanks Jos for a job well done." Ron and Leanne WINDERMERE CRES BHB SOLD SEPT 2016 "My perception of working with a Real Estate Agent prior to working with Jos was “over promised and under delivered” - however this perception has now changed. Jos gave me good, solid advice which I respected and ran with. She has great intuition, knowledge and good business acumen. I liked her enthusiasm and the close contact maintained through out the process. I felt I could entrust Jos with the entire process, which made it stress free for me - Jos is good at what she does. She implemented her interior design skills for the photographs and the home staging of my property. I have a huge respect for Jos - she could have taken the easy road, but persevered and got an increased price for my property. I can think of nothing she could have done better and I would absolutely recommend her - she has a great sense of humour and enjoys a laugh - I would be more than happy for any potential seller to call me personally for a recommendation." David - Happy Vendor MT SMART RD ONEHUNGA SOLD AUG 2016 "What we liked most about the service Jos provided, was her honesty - she was so friendly, yet professional. We knew the whole process of selling a property would be nerve wracking and were not sure who to approach - Jos made us feel relaxed and explained processes clearly to us, so we understood. A big benefit of using Jos was her home staging prowess and her knowledge of what to declutter. Jos and her husband Bryan went above and beyond the service we would expect a Real Estate Agent to provide (waterblasting and pizza and wine after the first open home!) I certainly would recommend Jos to others who are planning to sell their property - I think Jos and her husband Bryan are an amazing team that go that “extra mile” for people, and there is nothing she could have done better to improve the service she provided." Ray and Family WALLACE RD MANGERE BRIDGE SOLD JUNE 2016 "Jos provided an expert eye on presentation, even going above and beyond to help in the home staging with some of her own artistic pieces. The assistance of home staging from both Jos and her husband Bryan, to make my house look captivating with a blend of my own items, mixed with those items of hers, is something no other agent has ever done or even offered me before. I knew from past experiences to expect a stressful and disjointed period, however Jos's years of area knowledge, attention to detail both in presentation and process, and her excellent support team, kept things on an even keel and ensured every day went by smoothly and efficiently. I am really happy with the overall service and would recommend Jos to anyone requiring a reassuring agent with an eye for detail and strong work ethic." Carole - Happy Vendor SELWYN STREET SOLD MARCH 2016 "We hired Jos after interviewing five different estate agents. Right from the moment we met Jos she showed enthusiasm and passion for her job that no other agents came close to. Throughout the process she was always available to answer our many questions and she put in place a thorough marketing strategy that seemed to cover all areas resulting in an excellent turnout for each open home we offered. One of the main reasons we choose Jos was for her skills in dressing and presenting our home. She added furniture, pictures and mirrors that truly complemented our house and in fact I had moments where it looked so good that I did consider not selling it. For each open home she really went the extra mile and came early and stayed late to make sure the potential buyers had plenty of time to look around and not rushed. Her dedication to getting the best result was obvious when one set of open homes, we were away for the weekend, Jos and Bryan were round in the early morning to sweep the leaves off our lawn and brush our paths. Jos’s hard work and dedication paid off and we were able to achieve a price for our house that we had only ever dreamed of." Clare and Paul TAYLOR RD MANGERE BRIDGE "Our problem is not how to praise Jos but how to mute the praise so that it does not sound like we worship her!  When we employed Jos to sell our home, we were unprepared for the drive, energy, passion and total focus she brought with her. She turned our lives upside down and inside out, but at the other extreme her commitment to us, the vendors and her employers, was indisputable. She helped us with presentation, kept us in the loop at all times, knew just the right people to assist when developers were trying to undermine our sale and basically continued to fight in our corner throughout the entire process. There were no obstacles when Jos got going. Every day Jos demonstrated a deep core of ethical behaviour. Most importantly, over the weeks of our sale we developed total confidence and trust, which is a good thing to have when you entrust someone with your most valuable asset. We were privileged to have Jos utilising her experience and expertise on our behalf. We feel elated at the outcome Jos achieved for us, through her dedication and dogged determination. We have absolutely no hesitation recommending Jos to any future vendor." Lee & Ron - Happy Vendors CHURCH RD MANGERE BRIDGE "Jos is an excellent realtor and home stager. She pushed us, but the results were EXTRAORDINARY. Having bought and sold several properties, we have never found an agent and her husband Bryan that have worked so hard for a vendor. We have found friends." Colleen, Allan and Philip MONA AVE MANGERE BRIDGE "Jos knows the housing market and how to get the very best price at the top end of the pricing scale. She went “over and above” her duties to sell our house. She helped us stage the property, so that it looked absolutely stunning and worth far more than it would have otherwise. Jos delivered on everything she promised and worked with high integrity, throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend Jos, without a second thought." Hayden WALLACE RD MANGERE BRIDGE "Jos showed genuine interest in us as a potential buyer - she was approachable and very helpful. Our perception of real estate agents has certainly changed, since we met Jos - she cares, took the time to explain and used simple language we understood. Her good listening skills and her patience with us was appreciated as first home buyers. Jos is informative, honest and knowledgeable." Sharlene and Tavita