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Mount Maunganui

Bernadette and Owen - Team Griffiths
Owen and Bernadette are a unique couple in real estate with a vast experience in real estate. There are no other real estate salespeople in the Bay of Plenty that can boast the variety and experience of these two, and hence why they are "Consultants with a Point of Difference". They are dedicated to providing you as a seller or a buyer a hassle-free real estate experience to enable you to move onto the next phase of your life. During their careers they have: Owned and operated their own real estate business on Waiheke Island Jointly managed a national real estate group throughout New Zealand Trained, coached and mentored owners, managers and salespeople in real estate both in New Zealand and Australia Grown and managed numerous real estate offices Worked as project marketers for 7 large apartment complexes in the Bay of Plenty and Wellington Been involved in residential real estate sales, property management, administration and management. Their Points of Difference include: Their knowledge and expertise gives you the seller a distinct advantage in getting your property sold above the rest You get two for the price of one - providing a wider range of strengths, skills and talents They are consultants, not salespeople, and choose to work with a limited number of sellers at any one time to ensure they provide you with the ultimate in service: Empathy and caring Excellent communication 100% commitment to a sale Owen and Bernadette are passionate about the Bay of Plenty, particularly Mt Maunganui - PARADISE! Their enthusiasm and love of the region is contagious and they have encouraged many out-of-town visitors to invest here