Professionals - Rotorua

Professionals - Rotorua

1290 Eruera Street, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty



Welcome to Professionals McDowell Real Estate. From the first instant that you come into contact with our team, you will join the many thousands of people that we have helped since our services began in 1911.

However, being around for over 100 years in Rotorua is not what makes the difference.

Here at Professionals McDowell we are innovators! We are one of the very first Real Estate specific businesses established in the early 1900’s through the vision of Thomas McDowell and his son John. The forward-thinking approach remained our foundation as the next generations lead by Gordon McDowell and his son Ian McDowell continued this mantra. McDowell’s brought new initiatives such as signboards, open homes and auctions to the Rotorua market. At that time, these ideas were radical and so successful that they have become staples of the Real Estate industry.