Paul has previously worked in a range of industries including the Dairy Industry, Finance, Real Estate and Information & Communications Technology. With an educational background in Engineering, Paul approaches problems analytically and creatively, has an honest communication style, and is solutions-driven.

As Business Development Manager, Paul brings these experiences and skills, as well as his continuous focus on customer service, to improve processes and lead the way to a successful future for clients and team members.

With over 15 years of experience in management, leadership and transformational roles, Paul consistently strives to get the best from people in all situations while actively supporting the development of his teams. Having lead both technical and business teams, he is adaptable and well-balanced, and prides himself on his ability to mentor, coach and motivate all types of people.

Paul also has a proven successful track record in sales as a Consultant, Sales Manager and in Real Estate Sales. His past achievements include the Professionals New Zealand Rookie of the Year Award, Team Player of the Year Award and the Professionals Top 20% Salesperson Award.

Contact Paul for a successful outcome and be part of his results.