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Derrin Tunnicliffe
For a fresh approach to all your real estate needs The property industry has always been apart of Derrin family’s life. With her husband in property development, Derrin was involved with buying, renovating, developing and the selling of many properties of their own. Uniquely, Derrin learnt a lot about the real estate industry from the other side of the fence. Enjoying the process and having an interest in interior decorating, Derrin took a further interest in property. Before she knew it she was a real estate agent assisting in buying and selling residential property in Feilding. Derrin’s love for the business is built around the people she meets and works alongside. Dedicated to searching for that ‘win-win’ situation for her clients, Derrin genuinely really enjoys her job and gets great satisfaction from being apart of the process. In the past years her dedication is demonstrated with her impressive achievements and the awards she has won over that time. She became a member of the $100 Million Dollar Club in 2019 and has continued to see her business grow, further expanding her business by entering into a partnership with Stephanie Hale. With her decorating skills Derrin is skilled in preparing a house for the market, that, coupled with 15 years in the industry and experience in property development Derrin’s clients are confident in her ability to achieve great results. Born and bred in Feilding, Derrin lives up to the ‘Friendly Feilding’ image. Renowned for her bubbly flair, professionalism and honesty.