Erin and Benn's constant strive for innovation and their ability to listen to what the real estate market is doing gave them an opportunity to join forces when they saw a huge crossover in their own businesses with a large number of customers either Up sizing from Residential to lifestyle or down sizing from Life style to residential. This crossover has now formed your number one property brokers team for the Wairarapa. Giving you now Wairarapa Property with Erin and Benn

Both Erin and Benn’s backgrounds are similar as both have come from running their own award-winning retail businesses given them both a great understanding of the dynamics of Real Estate, from marketing, customer service, following up, innovation, creativity and being passionate about what they do.

“It’s all about listening to what people want and then working hard to make it happen”

With a range of awards and accolades within Property Brokers both Erin and Benn are committed to being the best at what they do. With on-going training at AREC ( the largest Real Estate training conference in the southern hemisphere ) and additional personal development course from Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins and now have their own personal business coach.

One thing you can be assured of is whether you or buying or selling your property you will be in safe hands .

With Erin specialising in the residential side of the business and Benn doing the lifestyle you know that ‘if you are upsizing, downsizing or just relocating either way they have you covered’