Benn Milne and Erin Nesdale - Property Brokers


Benn Milne and Erin Nesdale
Benn is Greytown’s only agent specialising purely in lifestyle properties. He’s passionate about the way of life that South Wairarapa and lifestyle living offers – and he should know, he lives the dream himself. For the last 11 years he has lived with his family on their lifestyle property in Wairarapa and so brings a wealth of personal experience that gives him a unique insight both for buyers and sellers. Not only is he a specialist in lifestyle property , Benn also specialises in bare land sales as well as subdivisions – having subdivided his first property aged 28. Benn’s background as a business owner means he prides himself on a very customer-focused and service-orientated approach. “It’s all about listening to what people want and then working hard to make it happen. With my experience, both living the lifestyle and working with customers and clients for nearly 20 years, I offer unequalled customer service and can promise a great experience – whether you want to sell or are looking to buy.” Having run his own award-winning retail business means Benn has an excellent understanding of marketing. Benn also prides himself on being innovative in his style. “There’s always a way to make something work and I enjoy thinking out of the box to find the best way to sell a property.” As a South Wairarapa resident for more than 10 years, Benn knows and loves the area. He’s well aware of the area’s potential and the great opportunities that lifestyle living offers. “It’s a great place to live - I love it. We’ve got bush walks literally on our back doorstep, the river’s five minutes away and Greytown culture is just down the road – it’s the way life should be. “I’m passionate about is helping people achieve their goal – buying or selling. Working hard to help people achieve their lifestyle dream – I get a great buzz, it’s a lifestyle thing!"​