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Hayley Crosse & Kerry Bloor
Hayley and Kerry want to help create your dream in Hawke’s Bay, the region with great weather, a relaxed lifestyle, award winning food and wine, and spectacular architecture. Hayley’s 13 years in banking, specialising in home lending, is of real benefit to clients in securing their first or dream home. This expertise, along with her approachability and loyalty to clients, means that she is a top selling agent in the wider Hastings and Havelock North areas. Kerry began working at Property Brokers in 2014, in administration. She quickly developed a passion for the industry, and in-depth knowledge of the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of buying or selling a property. Since joining Hayley as an agent, her process driven approach and Hayley’s financial expertise have proved to be a winning combination. Together, Hayley and Kerry offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. You’ll have access to both of them, so they can look after your interests thoroughly and efficiently. You’ll understand and feel in control of the process. They will talk to you, listen to you, and deliver what you want. They’ll work together – for you