Adrian Cowie and Mark Walsh - Property Brokers


Adrian Cowie and Mark Walsh
Coming together in partnership, Adrian Cowie and Mark Walsh offer their 35 plus years of combined Real Estate experience and knowledge of coastal and residential properties to their clients, enabling them to make the best decisions possible. Their remarkable balance of personalities and expertise offer a unique and thoroughly friendly service which gets results. Dedicated and determined they pride themselves on their reputation and appreciate the high level of repeat and referral business they receive. Adrian has over 20 years’ experience in the Real Estate industry in Auckland, Christchurch, and since 2013 specialising in the marketing and sales of Hawke’s Bay Real Estate, Havelock North being his home town. You will find Adrian professional, easy going, yet particularly focused on getting you the best possible result. Having built a personal investment portfolio of residential tenancies in Auckland, Christchurch and Hawke’s Bay, Adrian has a wide range of experience and expertise to assist you in achieving your investment goals. Adrian says his job is first to listen, then make your sale or purchase as easy and stress-free as possible. Living, breathing and selling Hawke’s Bay over the past fifteen years is Mark’s big fish! Originally a contractor in his family’s business driving trucks and diggers and dabbled in the relocating of houses in the Hawke’s Bay area. Through these experiences, Mark has gained first-hand knowledge of the Real Estate industry and has an intuitive understanding of the needs of his clients when either buying or selling their most valuable assets. Fifteen years down the track Mark is still excited about what he does and has enjoyed great successes for his clients. Known for being straight up and someone who isn’t afraid of telling it how it is, Mark’s passion for the career and lifestyle he lives, enables him to offer his clients outstanding advice and service. “Passion gives attitude, and a positive attitude gets results” For proven results, look no further than Adrian and Mark!