Property Brokers - Oamaru

Property Brokers - Oamaru



Oamaru, the largest town of the Waitaki District, boasts a rich history and proud heritage - all enriched by its passionate, quirky locals!

A friendly, small-town vibe means that there's plenty to do in and around Oamaru for people of all ages.

Set on Victorian streetscapes and 19th-century architecture, the Victorian Precinct is the perfect playground to explore shops, galleries, and traditional crafts.

Oamaru is also New Zealand's premier Steampunk HQ! And with beer and whisky being brewed locally, award-winning restaurants, artisan cheeses, bakeries and more - there's something to suit every palate!

Oamaru is no sleepy seaside town; it's incredibly beautiful and historical and far from boring. This is the town to live in if you value a relaxed and fun existence, where everything you need, and more is right in front of you. There are four golf courses in the town – talk about a playground!