12 Years marketing Lifestyle blocks for Monarch Real Estate (Harcourts Hamilton)

12 Years as a Landscape Designer and Contractor.

5 Years as Operations Manager for an IT company in Hamilton.

Hi, I’m Mark Crarer and I’m keen to represent you in your upcoming real estate sale or purchase.

I was drawn to Raglan primarily to be near the coast and the people. I love the water, either in it, on it, or just looking at it. I successfully sold lifestyle blocks in and around Hamilton for 12 years before moving to Raglan. My love of nature and more recently Golf draws me outside whenever possible, often with my grown kids or a gaggle of my grandkids.

I have a simple, three-point pledge:

1) Exceed your expectations: You’ll have my full commitment in covering all the necessary detail to make your sale/purchase process run as smoothly as possible and I will do all I do with enthusiasm.

2) I will get it done: This doesn’t merely relate to the sale or purchase: It’s a promise to ‘do the things I say I’ll do’: No matter how small the detail, I won’t let you down. If I say I’ll email, I’ll email; if you ask me to call back, I’ll call back; if you want more detail, I’ll find it. I’ll do as much as it takes plus a bit more just to be certain. Where possible I’ll provide options, information, knowledge and professional expertise.

3) I will be honest. I won’t take your business for granted: I want to prove myself, and I’m determined to do just that – because I also want you to be my advocate to others. I will do my best to ensure you had a great experience working with me!

Let’s start a conversation. Give me a call today.