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Rochelle Burton
Rochelle showed an early interest in real estate watching her father build and sell spec homes in the 80s. While this period of her life was exciting and at times quite challenging as her family moved frequently, all the homes she viewed and all the different people she met along the way, were a great source of interest and enjoyment to her. With several years of behind the scenes real estate work in administration, advertising and marketing, plus the hands on experience gained from working with top agents nationwide, she has stepped out on her own to succeed in her own right. Rochelle is truly interested in the goals of her clients and will strive to bring peace of mind to home sellers who have previously struggled with selling their homes on their own or with another agent. Buyers will appreciate that she actually listens to them to better understand their property wish list and ultimately find them a home they will love. The selling and buying process can be a stressful time but Rochelle has that special ability to make it easier for you. A short meet and greet and you will be convinced Rochelle is the right person to help you through the whole process and achieve the best result possible for you! Her number plate is hard to miss and rarely forgotten: MIZRED = Move In Zone Real Estate Deals So if you see MIZRED driving around town remember the name Rochelle Burton for all your real estate enquiries. Make your next move a great one!