Joy Cains -

New Zealand

Joy Cains
Joy Cains has lived on the beautiful Kapiti Coast for the past 15 years. During this time Joy has witnessed the tremendous change and growth that has transformed the region. As a mother, grandmother, wife, café owner and other businesses, rental properties and home-owner, Joy understands that any change in circumstances can be daunting and stressful. Buying and selling a home, then moving, being one of the most challenging time in a family’s life. Raising 5 incredible children on her own and being a grandmother of 19, managing the connect church 3pm Afterschool Care Programme for 10 years, have all added to Joys resilience and sensitivity to those around her. Joy comes to Proppy with proven real estate experience, and is passionate about seeing that the whole journey is kept fair, and that it holds pleasant memories for all those involved. Proppy is certainly the way of the future and will put more money in your pocket, due to the lower commission rates that they offer, and also makes the selling of your biggest asset simpler. So call her today and arrange an online chat. (But grab a coffee first)