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Alyce Humm & Jimmy Ho

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South Auckland

Alyce and Jimmy are the husband and wife team that runs Pukeko Rental Managers in Manukau. Both Alyce and Jimmy are Manukau locals and speak Chinese and English fluently.

An experienced Auckland property manager and investor

Jimmy has been involved in the property sector for 7 years. As a buy-and-hold investor across Auckland, he has gained a wide range of experience with different types of properties and the tenants they attract, from apartments in the CBD, two bedroom units in Auckland, to houses in South Auckland. Jimmy also has significant experience in renovations and has recently completed a development project in Manukau. His property journey has been featured in the New Zealand Property Investor magazine.

Jimmy comes from a planning and engineering background and has worked on some of the largest infrastructure projects in Auckland, such as the City Rail Link and the Waterview tunnel. His attention to detail and systematic approach was crucial to delivering quality engineering designs. Jimmy’s foremost passion is property and he has volunteered as a local group convener with the Auckland Property Investors Association since 2011.

Excellent project management and planning

Alyce has 5 years’ experience in customer service, sales, and marketing. She has worked in larger businesses such as Toyota and General Motors, and also small family owned businesses. Alyce is very proud of her excellent project management and event planning skills. She likes to build rapport with key suppliers and contractors to ensure that projects and events are completed within budget.

Why Us?

Together, Alyce and Jimmy look to continue their track record of delivering excellence, and have a vision of building Pukeko Rental Managers into the best property managers in Manukau. You can follow Alyce and Jimmy on Twitter @pukekosouthakl

Why Pukeko Rental Managers?

We use Fixed Term tenancies and do not charge Letting Fees to tenants to ensure there are no vacancies between tenancies.

If there is a problem - we do not just walk away!

We are so good at what we do - we make promises to you that others would be terrified to make. We make two serious promises to all of our clients. Read about the Pukeko promises here.