Yudi Zhao cares! She values relationships, she listens to your needs, and she gives genuine and unbiased suggestions. She takes good care of her clients and customers.

Yudi graduated from Auckland university with a postgraduate diploma degree in science. She is always rational, calm, and thinks logically under pressure. Her personality ensures her clients and customers go through a smooth experience when it comes to selling/buying houses, as well as property management, which could otherwise be a very stressful process.

As a mother of young children, she is excellent at multitasking, efficiency and time management. She also excels at work by being the licensed agent in the office, and supervising salespeople. Making sure both family and the office are looked after is her goal.

Being a Chinese person in New Zealand, Yudi embraces multi-culture, and respects people from different background. She enjoys working with clients, customers and staff from different nationalities, and believes culture differences create new ideas and bring value to workplace.

Yudi looks after you. Your happiness is her satisfaction.


Linna Zhang


Mr & Mrs Amrul Khan

"Thank you very much Ray White. We are very very happy the way you helped us. You people are excellent in selling and buying houses. You are one of the top agents we had met. Yudi is the best! Once again thanks a lot for your help."
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