It’s no doubt that Faron has Real Estate in his blood.

He’s from a family of Estate Agents - highly successful ones too! 

Both his parents are still in the industry - he’s 3rd generation in fact.  And, although it might have been his destiny, he really does love it!

Listing, calling, driving, selling and seeing you face to face, keeping up the momentum and your sale moving forward - well, that’s what makes his Real Estate blood pump.

Responsive, Confident, Personable - that's Faron! 3 important qualities that are exactly what you need from the agent looking after you.

And just like there was no Starsky without Hutch Faron works alongside Jeff, with both of them each bringing something vital to the team - you can work out who’s who?

A refreshingly cool approach.



"The service I have received from Faron has been excellent, with great communication. He is a very professional young man"


"I found Faron to be very obliging to any requests I had, he worked hard to ensure things met with approval"
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