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A little more about me

My name is Mark Bryant and I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. My partner (Loryn)  is from West Auckland, our  first child (CJ) was born in Australia and our second (Cooper) right here in Waitakere Hospital.  I’m a trainer, leader, coach, marketer, business development manager, systems/process development guru with a sugar addiction and an innate ability to find the real root of the problem and start fixing things from there.

How did I get into helping people with their real estate issues?

Here’s a funny story! As I said before, I don’t come from a real estate background, I’ve had no grounding in the industry itself. When the first COVID lockdown hit (remember that? When it was just this thing that would be over soon?), my family & I were living full-time on the road in Canada!  We had the option- UK, Australia or NZ. I think you can guess which one we chose. So we land in Auckland and think ‘what the heck do we do now?’ 

 This is where Craig Darroch came onto the scene. He’s been around a LONGGGG time, like 25 years long. In that time he’s worked in various senior roles and positions throughout multiple real estate companies in New Zealand, auctioned off thousands of properties, sold hundreds himself and currently manages an office in Green Bay and is the Auction Manager for Austar Realty (a Ray White agency). When someone like that came to me and said “Mark, I think you’d be really good. I think you’ve got transferable skills that will really make you stand out”, I sat up and listened.

The results? In our first year, we took home ‘Rookie of the Year’ and achieved Premier Status with Ray White (top 10% of the company). Turns out Craig was right after all (but don’t let him know I said that).  

That was 2020.



"Quick responses, very understanding, friendly. Leant me a lawn mower so I could mow the lawns while organizing buying my own mower."

Alex and Nicole

"We worked with Mark remotely from Otago in the South Island, his communication and reliability were second to none. An absolute pleasure to work with professionally, which made the stressful situation of selling our first home really enjoyable."
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