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Christchurch City

Benny Jiang
Benny immigrated to New Zealand from China in 2001 and met his wife Amy while they both undertook Foundation Studies in Auckland prior to being accepted to Canterbury University. Benny Graduated B.Com Economics in 2007. Together Benny and Amy have embraced their chosen "Kiwi lifestyle" making Christchurch their home, along with their sons Henry and Corey. Benny is an active sportsperson, enjoying swimming, soccer and fishing. Benny proudly joined Ray White Next Step Realty team in 2010. His fluency in both Mandarin and Cantonese is a great asset when dealing with many of his clients as it aids with the crossover of cultures in multicultural New Zealand. Benny's many achievements in the Real Estate Industry represent his dedication and determination: 1 st Top Auction Campaigns Ray White Next Step Realty  2018  Ray White Canterbury  - 3rd for Auctions  (January - June 2018) Ray White New Zealand Premier Member 2019 Ray White New Zealand Premier Member 2018 Ray White New Zealand Premier Member 2017 Ray White New Zealand Premier Member 2016 Ray White New Zealand Executive Member 2015 Ray White New Zealand Executive Member 2014 RAY WHITE NEXT STEP REALTY AWARDS 3rd Top Salesperson Innes Road Office - January 2020 1st Top Salesperson Innes Road Office - January 2019  1st Top Salesperson  Innes Road Office- February 2019  1st Top Salesperson Innes Road Office- March 2019  1st Top Salesperson Next Step Group - April 2019 1st Top Salesperson  Innes Road Office - May 2019  1st Top Salesperson Innes Road Office- June 2019  2nd Top Salesperson Innes Road Office - July  2019  2nd Top Salesperson Innes Road Office - Aug  2019  1st Top Salesperson Innes Road Office - Sept  2019  1st Top Salesperson Innes Road Office - Nov  2019  3rd Top Salesperson Innes Road Office - Dec  2019  2nd Top Individual Salesperson Next Step Realty -  2018  1st Top Salesperson - October 2018  1st Top Salesperson - July 2018 2nd Top Salesperson  - May 2018 1st Top Salesperson -  March 2018 Top Salesperson for  Next Step Realty 2017 Top Salesperson - December 2017 Top Salesperson  - November 2017 Top Salesperson  - October 2017 Top Salesperson  - September 2017 2nd Top Salesperson  - August 2017 Top Salesperson  - June 2017 2nd Top Salesperson  - March 2017 2nd Top Salesperson  - January 2017 2nd Top Salesperson for Next Step Realty 2016 Top Salesperson – December 2016 2nd Top Salesperson - September 2016 3rd Top Salesperson - July 2016 2nd  Top Salesperson - May 2016 3rd Top Salesperson - March 2016 2nd Top Salesperson - February 2016 2nd Top Salesperson - January 2016 3rd Top Salesperson - October 2015 Top Salesperson - September 2015 2nd Top Salesperson - August 2015 2nd Top Salesperson - July 2015 Top Salesperson - June 2015 Top Salesperson - April 2015 Top Salesperson - March 2015 Top Salesperson - February 2015   Top Salesperson - December 2014 Top Salesperson - September 2014 Top Salesperson - August 2014 Top Salesperson - May 2014 3rd Top Salesperson - January 2014   2nd Top Salesperson for 2013 Top Salesperson - November 2013 2nd Top Salesperson - September 2013 2nd Top Salesperson - July 2013 Top Written Sales - May 2013 Benny is a hardworking and friendly, he provides an unsurpassed level of quality service in all aspects of Real Estate Marketing. Whether you are considering purchasing or wish to sell, now or in the future, Benny would relish the opportunity to earn your confidence and trust, working together with you, in all your Real Estate requirements.