Daniel Horrobin is the Director of City Realty Group (CRG) – One of New Zealand’s largest Ray White groups – guiding an organisation of 5 branches, 6 specialist offerings and over 250 staff around Central Auckland. 

Daniel may hold the key leadership role, yet he thinks like the salesperson he started out as. His approach is critical to  the success of the group, because first and foremost, his focus is on the success of his team. That’s where the ‘Family Factor’ comes in.  

Having been passed the reins by father Phil – who started the business 16 years ago – Dan has faced successes and  challenges head on. Like his dad, he continues to create an atmosphere in which opportunities are created, individuals are recognised and everyone grows.  

He believes in bringing people together, so ‘business as usual’ is where management meets mentorship, where what’s good for the group is weighed up alongside what’s good for each team member and where doing good by colleagues, clients and  community encourages a down-to-earth sensibility. 

Direction for the group begins with Dan and extends through the entire CRG family: Create. Recognise. Grow.



"I'll be writing to commend the whole team involved in this sale, but briefly, Daniel's email to me 6 April said "You can be confident that based on our experience with selling CBD car parks... we will achieve you a fantastic outcome". Come the sale at auction of Carpark 5 Unit BA 148 Quay St on 14 December for $265K, the outcome couldn't have been more fantastic!"

Satvinder Madhok

"Very responsive and great customer service."
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